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Six benefits of inbound marketing

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing builds trust, reputation, leadership and more.

In a world of constant connectivity and data generation, great content spreads like wildfire, reaching thousands of people through a single effort. Now, imagine that the content being shared across multiple channels was your brand’s message. 

That’s what inbound marketing does.

Inbound creates valuable content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers and, as a result, attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.

Unlike outbound marketing – where efforts are focused on finding customers – inbound marketing lets the value of the content do the work, earning the customer’s attention organically.

Traditional marketing tactics have become less and less effective as consumers have become more empowered in their choices. Brands cannot rely on using flashy – and very often, ephemeral – marketing efforts to drive potential customers to buy. 

In the era of information, buyers are more knowledgeable and, consequently, more demanding. They can easily access detailed specs, pricing, and reviews about goods and services from the palm of their hands. And social media has given them a voice, a place where they can share and compare every detail of the buying experience, turning them into influencers.

As a result, inbound marketing utilizes content marketing, SEO, social media and influencer outposts to create brand awareness and attract new leads.  More so, inbound marketing aims at engaging customers by providing valuable information at the exact moment that they need it. This approach builds trust, reputation, and leadership in your business niche.

Benefits of inbound marketing

The following are the six core benefits of incorporating inbound marketing into your business:

1. Opportunity to be found

Inbound marketing presents the opportunity for you to be found online when your prospect is searching for answers by putting you in front of them, as well as your customers, at the moment they need you not when you need them.

2. Attract leads

Inbound marketing allows you to be in a position where leads will come to you throughout various phases of the buying cycle, rather than just pursuing them in a traditional way. 

3. Nurture your leads

Inbound marketing enables you to nurture all those marketing qualified leads that are not yet sales-ready prospects, and it saves you valuable time by improving sales efficiencies.

4. Authority and Credibility

Inbound marketing allows you to a thought leadership position in your area of expertise by building authority and credibility.

5. Refreshing strategy

Inbound marketing helps you develop new and refreshing strategies for integrating your outbound marketing message with your content.

6. Gather measurable data

Inbound marketing provides you with a way to gather measurable and valuable data about prospects, leads, and current customers; analyzing this information helps you create new business relationships as well as strengthening existing ones.

Has inbound marketing helped your business grow? What benefits have you had from inbound marketing?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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