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Puerto Rican Entrepreneur Launches Novel Performance-Driven Marketing Agency

Left to right: André Carlo (Partner) | Maricarmen Vargas (Partner) | Nicole Pina, Lead Designer | Alexandra Cruz, Social Specialist | Leo Morales, Audio Visual Specialist | Carlos Cobían (CEO) | Mariela García, Marketing Specialist | Isabel Raymond, Marketing Specialist | Griselle Agosto, Marketing Specialist

Gravital provides growth strategy, digital marketing and sales enablement services

Accomplished local entrepreneur Carlos Cobián has launched Gravital, an innovative performance-driven marketing agency and consulting firm specializing in business growth strategies, sales enablement and digital marketing solutions.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, Gravital focuses on helping companies expand through growth, branding, sales and digital marketing strategies that produce measurable and sustainable results. To target clients’ marketing strategies more effectively, Gravital uses cutting-edge digital marketing and automation technologies that help companies reach the right type of customer at the right time.

Many marketing and advertising agencies focus on pushing their services that provide visibility but lack of measurable results. Ours is a different approach. We focus on helping companies grow by obtaining a return on their investment. That is the ultimate goal,

Cobián, founder and CEO of Gravital

“A company with a weak brand or an inferior product or service typically has to spend a lot of money on marketing to grab a few new customers. But when you have a strong brand, customers come to you,” Cobián explained. “Our performance-driven marketing services positively affect our clients’ bottom line and makes them more successful.”

Gravital was born from Cobián’s vision of a customer-centric agency that would put the power and reach of digital marketing to work for companies seeking to grow and expand to new markets. The agency’s efforts are keenly centered on helping clients meet their business goals, not on selling as many services and billing as much as possible.


“We love what we do and how we do it because we get to help people, invigorate companies, promote much-needed economic growth in Puerto Rico and help our society prosper,” Cobián said.

The name Gravital is based on the concept of digital gravity

Gravital increases and empowers brands’ digital gravity by strengthening their presence in cyberspace through a comprehensive digital transformation that helps them attract, engage and capture prospective customers as well as retain existing ones.

A number of local companies already have benefited from Gravital’s performance-driven marketing. Gravital previously operated as digital marketing agency Vuelo6, achieving results for companies such as insurers TOLIC and USIC, human resources firm BMA Group and financing company Acrecent Financial. Gravital specializes in serving the healthcare, insurance, financial and technology industries, as well as innovation businesses.

“After launching Vuelo6 as a digital marketing agency, we identified a growing need for performance-driven marketing services specifically aimed at supporting companies wanting to grow and expand,” Cobián said.

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